Exterior Auto Detailing

Exterior auto detailing isn’t about vanity, it’s about protection and preservation. How long do you want your beautiful paint job to last? It all depends on how you go about cleaning the exterior.

Our Exterior Auto Detailing Services Include:

Any areas that require extra attention or more time will alter the price and will be determined with the detail technician and the owner of the vehicle together on site with the vehicle. Some add-ons can include removal of:” and bullet-point in columns the list below:
  • Engine detailing
  • Water spot removal
  • Scratches and swirl removal
  • Bird dropping etching
  • Fine hairline scratches from improper washing
  • Other major contaminants

Superior Ceramic Coating to protect your exterior is available as an additional service. You can learn more about our Ceramic Coating here or ask your technician what they recommend.

The Lowdown on Exterior Auto Detailing